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GeoMechanics Technology

Advanced GeoMechanics from the Wellbore to the Reservoir Scale

Company Background

GeoMechanics Technologies, formerly called Terralog Technologies USA, was founded in 1994 by Dr. Michael S. Bruno. It originally operated as the US subsidiary of Terralog Technologies Inc in Canada. The Company is now independently owned and operated.

The new name, adopted August 1, 2012, reflects our primary and expanding focus on Advanced Geomechanics from the wellbore to the reservoir scale. For almost 20 years we have provided high end research and consulting services to the energy industry, supporting oil and gas exploration, drilling and production, geothermal energy recovery, and gas storage operations.

We have provided cost effective and advanced technical services to more than 40 different companies, supporting projects in more than 20 different countries (see map below). We have also completed more than a dozen advanced and multi-year research contracts for organizations such as the US Department of Energy, the Gas Technology Institute, the Solution Mining Research Institute, and the Water Environment Research Institute.

GeoMechanics Technologies now operates from offices in Los Angeles, Houston, and Vienna, serving clients around the world. With growing technical staff, equipment, and capabilities, we continue to provide industry with the highest quality, cost effective, advanced technical services in Geomechanics from the wellbore scale to the reservoir scale.

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